If you have over $10,000 in credit card and other debt, you may be a candidate for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
and finally be debt free!

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  The Decision to File Bankruptcy
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Bankruptcy is not a personal, emotional decision, it's a financial decision based on your amount of debt, your income, and your present ability to repay debt.

When the expected time period for the repayment of creditors, in full, exceeds the time it would take to rebuild credit, bankruptcy should be given serious consideration. A good bankruptcy attorney or lawyer could help out with this process. Instead of struggling with minimum payments for months or years and ending up in the same place you are today, you can use that time to rebuild credit and save money for the future. Learn more about California bankruptcy law and consider retaining the services of a California bankruptcy attorney to assist you.

If you are in a situation in which you have accumulated more debt than you will be able to repay in the foreseeable future, then you probably will benefit greatly from filing bankruptcy and taking a debt-free fresh start.

By filing bankruptcy with qualified attorneys, you give yourself a chance to rebuild and re-establish credit and staying in line with the law. Many people get too caught up in worrying about how they're going to incur future debt, when the focus should be on the best way to deal with the debt they have now.

When you're debt-free, the future will take care of itself. Learn more basic bankruptcy information and think about consulting a good bankruptcy lawyer.

Turn to the Kevin Humphrey and Associates for qualified bankruptcy assistance. We are here to work with you and assist you in any way we can. Contact us today and one of our bankruptcy attorneys will follow up with you on how to proceed and let you know what documents are needed.

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